Dear Ajith,

Hope you are doing well.

We had our post tour meet on last Thu, 22nd Sept 2016(delayed since waiting for all to come back from vaccations) to cherish the memories of our grand tour and review the same.All families of the tour were present.Everybody agreed that it was a wonderful and blessed trip as we all enjoyed and reached back safely without any incident or illness to anyone.Everybody has appreciated your prompt service and dedication. Your response to our quiries were fast, overall coordination was excellent. You had done the on line check in even for our return flight to Kuwait after a month of the tour !! You are really a true professional in your field, Hats off to you !!

Also we would like to point out few points which we discussed to be considered in future for improvement for both of us and as a customer feedback.

1. Hotel at Edinburgh:was definitely below standards, including the one given as replacement. All other hotels were really good, Holiday inn at Glasgow was our favourite !! Even we wouldn't have objected to stay there for the edinburgh part of our tour also !!

2.Distillery visit:We had requested for visit of an actual distillery and we were eagerly waiting for the same until we enter the one we visited. We were desperate to watch only the demos.

3.Oxford/Cambridge: The travel and time consumed was not worth enough. Any one, either oxford or cambridge was more than enough.

4.London zoo: could not meet our expectations

5.Bus change: Unexpected change of bus in the middle of the tour created inconvenience to many, including missing of some items.

6.London tour: could have been fine tuned little more. We went to the same locations many time, which could have fine coordinated to save time and include more items

The above shortfalls do not shadow the brightness of our grand tour anyway.If I list down the positive things it will be quite long, but we as humans notice the negatives fast !! Definitely we had a great time together, the memories of which, we will cherish for many years !! Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for making our dream a reality !!

Thank you so much...

Also we are eagerly waiting to associate with you in our upcoming events. The planning of next year tour will be started by the new excom of our association soon. We will definitely recommend you for the same.

Thanking you,


Jojan K. Jacob


Dear Ajith

I want to commend you for a well organised pilgrimage to The Holy Land. You as the tour director was very approachable to the pilgrims and no issue that arose was insurmountable. In spite of your admonition before the pilgrimage that a considerable amount of walking would be involved, you were very considerate to members of my family who lagged behind others on the sites we visited, staying with them at the back and helping them to be with the others. For that I thank you.

From your selection of the tour leaders both in Egypt and Israel, to the drivers of the well appointed coaches and the comfortable hotels with well provided food, your organisation of the pilgrimage left little to chance.

Also your selection of Fr. Vaz as the spiritual director was inspired.

I believe that organising these pilgrimages is your passion and long may it continue. I will tell others in my parish about our pilgrimage and encourage them to get in touch with you if they are contemplating a pilgrimage.

I wish you and your team all the best for the future and extend the Seasons greeting to you all.


Stanley Pinto


Dear Mr. Ajith,

This is a thank you note from Emmanuel and Gracy that is sent to with all sincerity. We had undertaken the pilgrimage to the Holy Land under your leadership in the month of November, 2015 this year. The WhatsApp group id you had created for us before the tour served as an excellent platform for all of us to know each other well in advance and made it easy for us to relate ourselves with each member of the group before, during and after the pilgrimage

Before the commencement of the tour we were little apprehensive, if Seagull would be able to deliver as per the promises made. This is because I have been accompanying my college students on Industrial visits for the past seven years to various destinations in India and not one single occasion we had the opportunity to give a note of appreciation to any of the tour operators. All of them concentrated more on the profits than customer satisfaction

Our experience with Seagull from start to finish was seamless. You had delivered more than what you had promised and there was a perfect blend of fun and piety. While we compliment you, Ajith, for your leadership qualities, we admire your spiritual leadership which helped us to strengthen our faith and made this pilgrimage a fruitful god experience. We were also fortunate to have the spiritual guidance of Fr.Nilesh Vaz throughout the pilgrimage and I don't thing any one else could have enlightened us and brought us more closer to God as much as he did. His last message "Continue the pilgrimage by walking in the footsteps of the lord and reaching out to your neighbour" still resound in our ears.

Thank you Ajith once again for giving us this wonderful experience of a lifetime which we will always cherish.

We pray the Almighty to bless you, your family and all your colleagues at Seagull and may your business prosper and grow in manifold.

With warm regards and gratefulness

Emmanuel and Gracy


Hi All,

Ajith & Rajita, Thank you for organizing a wonderful trip for us. I enjoyed every bit of it and am the envy of people here when I tell them the number of Countries I have visited. Vide this email I wanted to convey my thanks, appreciation and pass on a few comments / recommendations about the trip.

a) All of the hotels and guides that we got were good EXCEPT for Hotel Park Inn Radisson and Zolton the guide in Hungary.

The Park Inn personnel were very rude and disrespectful to us. We were treated like guests who had not paid for our stay in the hotel. The front desk staff ignored us (pretending to be working on something at a different computer) for almost 10 minutes when they knew very well we were standing there wanting to ask them something. Later we did take up the matter with the them and the reason they gave us for ignoring us is that they were working additional hours hence tired and that they had already shown us how to connect to the WiFi. We asked them how could they assume that we had come to ask them about the WiFi and not address something else. We told them this is not the way to treat their guests and that we were not staying there free of cost.

In addition the Waiter who served us dinner too was disrespectful until he saw the tip that was placed on the table and then his attitude changed completely.

I would advice you to please address this issue with the hotel so your future guests are not treated in the same manner. I think they are generalizing all South Asians based on previous experiences but that is not acceptable. On arrival, they also made Liz sign a sheet which mentioned that if anyone from the group took food out from the Breakfast table after having their breakfast they would have to pay for a full breakfast + another item.......I am not sure if this rule applies to all their guests or only certain groups.

The Guide Zolton too was more interested in ensuring that he got his cut at the souvenir store than taking us to see the St. Stephen's Basilica which we were keen to visit. We did not get a chance to go inside the Matthias Church as he said there is a charge for entry and we would not be able to visit the Basilica due to time constraints.

When we were a few steps away from the Basilica he informed us that the Souvenir shop had called him to say they did not have anyone right now & that they would close the store for us so it is best to go over there right now. At no time did he inform us that the Basilica would close at 7.00 p.m. which coincidentally was also the same time the souvenir shop closes. He lied by saying that someone from the group wanted to go to the washroom when none of us had told him about wanting to use the washroom.

Overall a very disappointing experience in Hungary.

b) Zolton the Driver was excellent at his driving and took good care of us. He was very courteous & respectful of us. Though there was a language barrier (as his English was not fluent) we still got around things.

Things got embarrassing when we got to understand that he did not get his tip (as per our flyer it was included in our cost) upfront from his company. We were made aware of this only when we individually gave him our tips for the good service he provided us and he informed Liz about it. So we again collected money (over the tip money we initially gave him) and gave it to him as we could see his disappointment. Placing ourselves in this situation, we too would have been very disappointed with the outcome. Please follow-up and ensure that he is given his tip as promised. He rightly deserves it for the good service he provided us.

This is a lesson for all your future trips to ensure that the driver is given his tip upfront or paid on his return of the trip if included in the cost of the trip so future guests do not go through the same embarrassment we went through. c) Zadar was beautiful and infact we got the best service over there. I guess God wanted us to visit it so we could see his Hand in this whole trip.

Liz & Tolly, Thank you for initiating & coordinating this trip with Ajith and for ensuring that we got the best deal at the best price. Thank you ladies for the several calls and emails to Ajith & Rajitha......all your efforts are very much appreciated. Without you'll this trip would not have been possible. God Bless you always. I will be submitting my reviews on Tripadvisor about the disappointment at Hotel Park Inn Radisson, Hungary & the exceptional treatment we received at Mediteran in Zadar, Crotia.

Thank you all once again.
Jacqueline Salis


Dear Augustine

Thank you for organising our holiday for us. We had a wonderful, adventurous time in both the countries. I would like to share with you some feedback on our trip.

All three hotels were good in terms of services and location. We were fortunate to have 3 beds in the triple sharing rooms though I had to call up the hotels before departure to ensure this was given to us. In Prague the room on double occupancy was in a different wing of the hotel which was away from the room on triple sharing occupancy. We requested the hotel for a change but they were full so they could do nothing. 

The tour guides Maurizio from Rome and Dana from Prague were good. We enjoyed our tour with Maurizio the most. He shared a lot of valuable information with us and never hurried us or got impatient with us. Since we could not visit places where the incorruptibles were, since they were far away, he took us to a church which had on display the nails, thorns that pierced Jesus and one finger of St Thomas. I would recommend Maurizio as a good guide for Rome. 

The hop on and off bus was excellent in Rome. It was very convenient and we wished we had stayed for more time in all three places – Venice, Rome and Prague. 

The travel by trains was disappointing as the compartments / coaches were very small with limited space for luggage. The air conditioning was also not functioning properly and the ones on the uppermost deck had a very difficult time as it was very very hot. The ones on the middle and lowest deck were not affected to that extent. The washroom in the train is a common one for all passengers. We were served complimentary breakfast the next morning which was a pleasant surprise.

The gondola ride as mentioned to you was too short for 15 mins only. The airport transfer from Venice to Royal San Marco Hotel was of great help to us with our baggage and also because we had to do a boat transfer. The picture of the counter for our airport transfer that you gave us, helped us a lot. We could locate the counter immediately. We were shocked though when the porter who carried our bags from the pier in Venice to the Venice hotel demanded we pay him Euros 7 per head for carrying our bags. It would have helped if someone kept us informed of this as we thought it was part of the airport transfer that was arranged for us. He really frightened us. We were very tired after a long flight and were really lost when we faced this situation. Could you please inform the concerned department of this – they should know we tourists do not like to be taken for granted.

The aircraft changed on our last sector of travel – Istanbul to Mumbai and so did the seating I had done over the phone with the airline. Two of us had seats away from each other. For the first time in my travel overseas this particular aircraft was stinking. But on the positive side, the seats on Turkish airways were really good for economy travel. They are wider with comfortable space for our legs and on long flights we had a television screen for ourselves. The crew members who served us were truly thoughtful and helpful unlike the crew members of other airlines. We travelled to Europe last year by Lufthansa where the seats were small, narrow with very little leg room. 

I would recommend anyone who travels to these 3 places spend more time as it is really worthwhile. All the three places have a lot to see and do and are very very beautiful. We had a wonderful time and our only regret is that this trip was too short. We did not have a single boring moment. 

Thank you once again for your help in making this trip memorable.

mob +919820702380



Dear Ajith & Team Seagull,

Thanks to your "Seagull Team & Team Don Bosco" for a Wonderful Holiday.

Thanks to Rajita for all the Background planning n timely Visa arrangement.

We sincerely appreciate your hard work, planning & personal over-seeing of every detail for 50 persons wrt Pickup, Immigration, Visa, Ticket, Bus, Flight, Hotel stay, Indian Food, Events-Safari, Theme Parks & Shows-Birds, Fish, Fire, Science Musuem, Jurong Bird Park, Sunway Lagoon, Universal Studio, 4D Rides-Transformer, Jurassic Park Rapids, Revenge of the Mummy, n Shopping.

Each Day in fact each minute was a memorable & wonderful experience.

We enjoyed your enthusiasm & company as well as Fr.Bosco's & All the School Teachers n Children not forgetting James n Logan and how you all made sure no one was left out anywhere & we were safe always.

We was amazed to see the Infrastructure and Tourism initiatives (KL Tower & Petronas Twin Towers, Cable Car ride, Theme Parks, Sentosa, Flyer, Merlion, Skyline, beautiful Bridges-All Man made architecturally beautiful & visually stunning structures) of both our SE Asian neighbouring countries.





We have written in detail our experience of the pilgrimage, pray you are blessed reading it.
Click here to read...

 God Bless



I want to thank Seagull, esp., Ajit and Rajitha for their whole hearted cooperation during the entire trip. I just want to give my feedback of my experience, so that you can improve on the quality further, esp. W.r.t  the tour guide.

My observation:

1. Accommodation and food were overall very good, only drinking water was provided by Seagull and not by some hotels. It was on ration.

2. Main section: The Tour. Overall good, well planned and organised

a. Jordan- Tour guide Kadr, was good, smart, energetic, knowledgeable and kept the group together both young and old, till we departed from Jordan. It was an emotional goodbye to him.

b. Israel & Palestine – was a complete disaster. Simply because the guide, Nadif was very soft spoken, dull and unorganised. We had to be within 2 feet radius to hear him, which was quite impossible unless we jump on his shoulder, that too not possible. He should be given a collar mike. The Holy Land Tour commentary was a flop show, especially for people who had travelled so far with a lot of difficulty and expectation and spending their hard earned money. He lacked time management. For instance, he wasted over an hour and a half in Mt. Of Olives, only on pressurising him he left and eventually found many of the spots closed. For instance, we missed Lazarus Tomb (closed), etc. He showed the Qumran caves from a distance, (which I doubt was true or not), while moving in the bus. He was more interested on introducing us to gift shops and extended shopping time. No concern for senior citizens.

c. Egypt – Aashi and Karim. Young, energetic guys with pleasing personality and also knowledgeable. Held the entire group of 50 odd people from age 8 to 86 together.

Finally, I also wish to share a very bad experience, where we (my mother and me) were kept stranded in Bethlehem, The Nativity Church. The queue was long, so my mother declined to move in. I kept her company in front of the Nativity Church. We were clearly told by the guide in the bus over the microphone to remain in the entrance whenever we are misplaced and not move till someone comes to the spot if found missing in the group. One of the fathers’, Fr. Tomy (group member) saw us and I told him, we were waiting for them. No one bothered to come and take us, in spite of knowing, myself a young lady with my mother stranded at night, in a strange land in Palestine, Bethlehem. Moreover, it was a ‘pick up’ joint and I was disturbed several times by the local guys. Like, the good- Samaritan, the good God send an angel in the form of a Police Officer, who helped us to our Hotel at Bethlehem Plaza. He first took us to the place where the bus was and was shocked to find the bus gone, more shocked to call the hotel and find out they don’t have any contact details of Seagull people. In fact, I reached the hotel before the group and learnt that they were shopping and returned much after I had. I hope this is not repeated with other tourists.

Please note, I am not against shopping. In fact I love shopping and I have also shopped a lot. I hope you can understand what I am trying to indicate.

Infact, if your organisation, makes proper arrangements for senior citizens e.g. front rows in bus reserved for senior citizens (to make getting off and on the bus easier), allowed to sit in restaurants first and not standing finding all the seats (both in bus and restaurants) reserved with bags thrown on them. Properly trained guides and senior citizens are properly handled, I can assure you my friends and me along with our parents would gladly join the several tours organised by your organisation,

All the best,

Lovely Mukherjee




Hi Ajith and Swapnali, 

I'm writing to say thank you so much for the wonderful trip you organised for us. 

The hospitality, professionalism and care provided by the Seagull team were amazing. Our driver was especially impressive. 

The accommodation was good and we thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing around Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. 

thanks again for the attention to detail and great planning of this trip.

Looking forward to many more trips to India in future. 

If there is a formal feedback process please let me know.

I'm Happy to oblige.



Hi Ajith, 

The flight back (Swiss Air) was very comfortable. After coming back however, for almost two weeks I had digestion issues.  

My feedback (honest one) to you about the services offered during the course of the trip. 

a)    Good personalized care. Genuine warm treatment with all.
b)    Well organized with attention to details.
c)    You really know how to communicate the unpleasant stuff in the most pleasant manner! Probably an art which you must have taken some years to master.
d)    Indian food from time to time was a really good idea. 

a)    Packing in too many places within a short span, made it a bit rushed.
b)    Could have been managed better … Discipline of participants (obeying orders, keeping to timings etc).
c)    We missed out Milan!  

Wished to share this with you. At Hotel Inn, Zurich, I was told that the shuttle bus to the airport was full and that they would help me with a taxi. I therefore took a taxi. The meter came to 28.4 Swiss Francs. The taxi driver clearly told me that even if I paid in Euros, it would be 28.4 Euros since he would have to get it changed and on top of it, pay taxes. I therefore chose to pay him with my Debit Card (came to Rs. 2,132).

International Facilities - Finance Cell
TATA Communications Limited
Desk : + 91 22 66591620
IP :  511620


Hi Ajith, Swapnali and Bijula

 I just wanted to take the time out and say thank you for the all the efforts in organising things. Special thanks to  Swapnali who happily answered my calls at odd hours of the night. I really appreciate this.

 However there is a little bit of feedback I would like to give. There were a couple of instances where the drivers were not at the airport on time because of which the guests had to wait for them and one even left on their own because the driver was not there. This happened in the case of Robin Bernstein, Jeri Queenan and Paddy Mccgwire. Ideally they should have been there at least half an hour before the flights landed but this was not the case. I had to call each and every driver an hour prior to make sure where they were which added an another level to my workload. Some of the drivers were exceptionally good but a couple needed to be checked on constantly.  

All this being said, thank you for sending the invoices so quickly, and I do hope you will accept this feedback in a constructive way. I look forward to working with you in the near future and continue to build on this relationship with Seagull. 

Best wishes,
Amanda Manuel
Programme Assistant
Leaders' Quest


Dear Augustine/Bijula, 

Many many thanks for a wonderfully organised trip.  Here’s our feedback from me and my husband from Mumbai, and my American side of the family of 5 persons from Rhode Island, USA who were on this trip too. 

1. The 9-seater tempo traveller was impeccable inside out and the welcome bottle of cold water and a cool face tissue was refreshing.  Driver Ashok was very courteous, always punctual for the entire trip and gave us information on sights en route from Delhi to Agra.   

2. The airport rep met us on arrival and took care of us to get to the vehicle. 

3. Both the guides – in Delhi and in Agra were a wealth of knowledge and they provided valuable insights on all the places we visited. 

4. You were able to get us a fantastic deal at The Radisson Blu in Agra.  The complimentary breakfast and dinner had a wide spread to suit all our palates.  The hotel rooms were spacious and clean, and the staff were so helpful and friendly.  Radisson Blu is a 2-year old hotel and just a 5 minute drive away from The Taj.  I would highly recommend this hotel in case you are organising trips for your guests. 

As you can see from all the above, we truly enjoyed our trip and thanks to you and your team once again, for taking care of every detail and making this a memorable family holiday. 

Kind regards,

Maggie Oliver


Hi Swapnali,

 Thanks a lot – we had a great vacation.  My wife had a great birth day party and amazing break. Now she likes Kerala – she will be planning a two week trip next year. 

I will be in touch with you guys. 

The resort was the best; service in the resort / boat was great. Good food.   

I should mention about the Driver.  If he is working there next year when we come back, please arrange me the same driver. Understood English, had knowledge of what he is showing around, guide did not turn up on Wednesday, he took us to places and explained things.

He was there in time in all three days – more over we felt safe in his driving. 

Mani Sethu.


Hi Swapnali,

Sorry for late revert ..however we had a perfect tour ..and we are extremely thankful for everyone out there for having made this experience a memorable one

And I wish to send a testimony regarding our experience about the tour,which on need base,you could add in your website..

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the fantastic service provided by Seagull Tours and travels during our 9days Singapore Malaysia trip.. 

In order to fulfill the promise given to kids, we decided to do this tour with assistance from Seagull tours and travels.We made a right choice as the tour was just perfect.It was very well organized. We were allocated very knowledgeable local guides and the time was very well utilized. Stay and food was excellent. We had absolutely memorable and enjoyable time.

I made several requests regarding flight seating-arrangement/tailor made packages etc..And we were extremely thankful for not having  disappointed us anywhere.

Very importantly, i wish to thank them for their courtesy in going an extra mile to find my lost baggage and taken effort to have it sent from Malaysia,where we had left it.

I am sure they should be very proud to have dedicated colleagues,As it is people like them that help make the Company stand strong and stay long lasting..”

I highly recommend Seagull tours and travels and look forward to book other destinations with them in near future.


K.P.Rai and family


Hi Swapnali, 

 While the trip went well, we did face some hassle with the hotels in Hong Kong.  

The check in time at most of these hotels was 3pm. With our arrival into Hong Kong being early morning we ended up reaching the hotel at 11am and then had to wait till 4pm to get a room. The kids were totally exhausted and needed to rest. It would have been good if we were informed about it. Would have mentally prepared us. We also never got the garden facing room at Disney. 

We ended up waiting for a minimum of 3 hours at each hotel. 

Macau was good though.




Dear Suresh

 just a simple word a Big Thank you, Each and every delegates were praising the arrangements,and you guys were personally involved ,probably more then us .At many stages you had gone out of the way to see the guests are taken care of.Excellent Hospitality

.I was scared if any thing goes wrong it will be a disaster.

It was like making a perfect dish all ingredients were rightly balanced scietiffic as well hospitality.I got so many emails from delegates and faculty every body is happy,not even one complain

.Well done Suresh/Ajith/Pravin and all the team.



Director, 10th International Conference of  Rhinoplasty and cosmetic facial surgery, Bangkok Nov 27-30, 2010

Dear Ajith Augustine,

Your work and service during the Congress in Mumbai was excellent.
And my personal thank you for the help in Goa.

My best regards
Ignazio Tasca M.D. 


Dear Ajith,

My wife Nora and I have returned to Toronto after three very productive days in Mumbai and a wonderful visit to the Golden Triangle.

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate all of your efforts on our behalf to make our stay in Mumbai so comfortable and productive. There were obviously many different arrangements to make, and you managed to get us all to the right place at the right time.

All best wishes for continued success with your agency. I hope we might have the opportunity to cross paths once again in the future.

Kindest regards,

Peter A. Adamson, MD, FRCSC, FACS
Professor and Head
Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
University of Toronto




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